Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Widdershins - One More Time

What a journey this has been. Since my last post, I have survived my surgery and recovered to the point where I can begin job hunting again, although there are still stitches in my throat and swelling when I talk for more than a few minutes. Not to mention a four inch scar on my neck that looks like a slasher had a go at my carotid artery. I have helped a good friend through her discovery of breast cancer and her subsequent surgery. And I have buried my only sister.

But now, at last, my energy is returning and I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My goal for this blog is to resume regular postings as soon as possible. And for starters, here are some things that have gotten me through this time:

Jello - which I hope never to see again in any form.

My daughter Bar, who sent her husband to the store to make sure I had an adequate selection of jello.

My cat Sassy – she always slept on my bed between the two bed pillows, but after my surgery, when I had to sleep only on my back, I would wake up trying to turn on to my side, only to find that she was laying on my shoulder and holding me down with her not insubstantial weight (16 lbs.) When I had healed enough to be able to safely turn on my side she went back to sleeping between the pillows. File this under “Things that make you go “hmm…””

Any song sung by Christian Kane.

Past episodes of “Leverage”.

Current episodes of “The Big Bang”.

And a special tribute to all those forgotten series that show up on cable, for when I felt too bad to even hold a book for reading.

Rereading all the books in Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series, when I finally felt well enough to hold books for reading.

My husband Lionheart – who would remind me how debilitating major surgery is, when I would get upset because I couldn’t just bounce up and instantly resume my normal life. And he should know, since he has survived seven of them.

And now we are preparing to celebrate my grandson’s first birthday. The Wheel weaves at the Wheel wills. Life goes on.