Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Farewell, Daddy

Farewell, Daddy. Even though I only knew you through that ephemeral medium called television, you somehow found your way into my heart. I weep while writing this, and I think I weep for the loss of never having someone as solid and calm and patient as you in my life. Your presence brought peace wherever you went, and I would smile and feel better just by watching you.

Round Two!

So much for my vow to post more frequently. I have actually had two, count’em, TWO interviews, each with multiple applicants interviewing for the same position. It is truly a “buyer’s market” out there in employment land. I have received a ‘thanks but no thanks’ for the first position and am waiting to hear about the second. And my mind is so bashed right now that I really have nothing to say, so I thought I would just comment on the photo that accompanies my blog.

Yes, that is really me. You can see that I come by the blonde curly hair naturally. And by the intent way I seem to be examining whatever it is in my hand you can probably guess that I am a rather intense person and that I tend to bring this concentration and focus to many areas of my life. (Take note, possible employers.) This was taken on a beach in Florida and it took me thirty-four years to get back there. That probably says something about me needing to take more vacations. (Ignore this, possible employers.)

And now that I take a closer look at this picture, I realize that I have a larimar ring that I wear on my right hand that is a copy of this beautiful sky with its puffy fluffy clouds. I receive a lot of compliments on this striking ring and have always called it ‘my summer sky even in winter’ but I never realized how truly accurate that was. And speaking of those clouds, doesn’t the one in the upper left corner look like a pair of lips? I think so, and I think they are about to swoop down on me and plant a great big kiss on my curly little head. MWAAAH!

Yeah, it’s been that kind of week.