Sunday, February 15, 2009

An inward journey to an outward dance

“Working widdershins” is an expression which means to conduct a ritual starting in the West, then moving to the South, the East, and finally to the North to complete the ritual. However, this term can also be used to describe the process of self-work.

At the beginning of self-work we need to call upon our courage for this inward journey. As we continue this journey we need to burn away our masks so that we begin to see ourselves as we really are. Only as we approach our true selves can we begin to heal the wounds that life has inflicted upon us. As we continue this inward journey we see the death of our false selves, the birth and growth of our true selves, and we find our center, the home of our spirit.

The act of moving inward ultimately brings us back out again, to dance with the world around us in new and wonderful steps, sometimes sure-footed, sometimes faltering, until the circle of the dance leads us inward once more and a new journey begins.

As we journey onward together I will share some of the steps of my dance with you.


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